Local station WOWT is running a story today focused on Omaha Public Power District’s attempts to control rumors surrounding the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant, which as I noted in an earlier post lies in an area heavily flooded by the Missouri river. In today’s story, the plant’s chief nuclear officer, Dave Bannister, admits that he requested the FAA declare the area a no-fly zone:

“I can ill afford at a time when I’ve got already a natural disaster going on to have an aircraft crash on site that could potentially affect one of my power sources.”

This story represents the fourth explanation for the airspace restriction around the plant that OPPD has offered to the media. Other explanations include work on overhead power lines, security concerns, and a claim on their own site last week that the FAA had ordered the restriction because the area is flooded. Today’s story directly contradicts that.

If OPPD has nothing to hide, one has to wonder: why the contradictory stories? Why the earlier, documented attempt to keep news media from showing flood waters encroaching on the plant? (See video at linked site.)